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Dynasty Games is proud to offer everything a casino needs to keep their floor up and running. We offer fully refurbished machines, down to the smallest button on the machine.

We also carry a large selection of products including signs, custom glass,

machine wraps, and even elevator door wraps.

For a list of products download our 2023 catalog.​



Dynasty Games offers a variety of brand new parts as well as fully restored parts. We have everything from the smallest button to the largest components that make a machine run.



Dynasty Games is proud to offer a variety of fully refurbished machines.

We meticulously restore these machines to be floor ready and look like new. 



Our repair technicians are some of the most experienced in the industry. Dynasty Games can repair almost any component inside of a machine. This includes monitors, power supplies, boards, brain boxes, bill validators, printers, and several other components. 



Dynasty Games has a full-service Slot Route Operation dedicated to a 100 mile radius of

Reno, Nevada. We offer "Participation" and

"Space Lease" options.

Wondering if we have what you're looking for? Contact your Dynasty Games sales rep and find out.

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